'Besides vitamins, minerals and trace elements the Method Capsules by Bioenermed also contain ingredients of plant origin. Aronia and barberry are currently being studied more and more and many beneficial properties that are associated with their ingredients have been found. Not only this composition makes Hamoven and Virak so special as a recommendation in a pharmacy, but also the patented method, the 'BEM', as an effect-enhancement and reharmonization builds bridges to alternative healing methods. For me as a pharmacist that not only considers traditional medicine as important, but also alternative advice, the capsules from Bioenermed are a wonderful addition to our assortment.

Pharmacist Conny Riemann, Central-Apotheke, Darmstadt-Eberstadt


''Hamoven makes me feel better - I can sleep better, do not feel so rushed. Hamoven makes me calmer - I'm more balanced ... and I'm fit for my grandchildren. '

Gisela F., Bensheim

'We as young entrepreneurs of a car business, take Virak because we can not afford to be on sick leave. So at the first sign of an infection we take Virak and stay fit without suppressing any symptoms."

More information under: https://www.2kfzmeister.de/



January 26th, 2019

There are supposed to be women (and they actually exist) who have no problems with their cycle. No convulsions, no water retention, no pain - no nothing! I find that enviable! Since I have my menstrual period, a smaller to medium-sized drama happens to me every month. The prophecy that it would get better with age or after pregnancy and childbirth - no!

And as if the days were not enough, there are still the days before. The days where I sometimes hardly recognize myself. On these days, I could not only set a record in long-term sleep, but also the consumption of handkerchiefs reaches a remarkable extent during this time.




During the days before the menstruation these are absolute foreign words to me. I would like to withdraw into my non-existent cocoon and almost live an invisible existence –  wait until it is over. Unfortunately this is not possible, so it means to go through these "days" every month.

Hamoven – my conclusion on the Method Capsules from Bioenermed

I'm always skeptical about manufacturers' promises regarding the effects and that was the case here as well. So if you think that this is a placebo effect, that's not the case for me. As a first change, my sleep quality has improved significantly by taking the capsules. Even the 'thinking circles' before falling asleep have decreased. At least I have the impression that I have more energy and feel more balanced since taking Hamoven.

The positive effect is also noticeable on the days before the cycle. Although the complaints have not completely disappeared, they have reached an acceptable level. In plain language that means, I do not have to torture myself, for example, before the days to get out of bed.

Besides  the Hamoven capsules, the manufacturer currently has two other products, namely  Virak Method Capsules that support the immune system and Spiola Method Capsules that regulate female hormone activity.

The products were provided to us free of charge by Bioenermed. Thank you very much!

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