The Biodynamic-Energetic-Method explained on the basis of Hamoven and the vegetative nervous system:


The combination of ingredients is specifically matched to the neuronal system to dissolve nervous dysfunctions and ensure and harmonize an optimal stimulus transfer.

 Dissolving old patterns and structures can lead to re-harmonization processes in the nervous system. This can result that the balance between the parasympathetic and sympathetic nervous system (see illustration) functions more dynamic and faster. The subject can then react better and more efficiently to external factors. This can also have postive impacts on the physical health over time.

 Imagine your mind as an onion, which has developed layer over layer over the years. In the worst case, these layers are already fixed, which would mean that you are not living the life that was meant for you. Little by little the Hamoven capsules will enable you to get back into the onion´s core. You will then be able to recognize your original potential and to live it. What makes it even more special is the fact, that the development process already starts with the very first intake of the capsule.

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