What is the Biodynamic-Energetic-Method?

The Biodynamic-Energetic-Method is a newly developed approach to locate discrepancies in the human organism and to help the concerned person to find inner balance.

The BEM approach has its own special procedure, which is not only critically reviewed regularly, but also constantly improved. This can lead to a successful location of blockades in the human organism and to dissolve them, so that the re-harmonization can flow.

The method shares countless parallels and explanatory priciples, resp. perspectives with the disciplines neuroscience, medicine, epigenetic and quantum physics.

What are Method Capsules?

The Method Capsules are specially manufactured capsular products. The Method Capsules carrier component, in our case glucose-monohydrate, is induced through a patented processes via ultrasound with the Biodynamic-Energetic-Method. According to the particular induction and the additives, these capsules are advisable for users with certain sensitivities.

The Biodynamic-Energetic-Method in its individual capsule-type is complemented with appropriate additives such as minerals, vitamins, as well as plant-based extracts. The respective compositions and preparations are based on latest scientific findings.

The manufacturing of our products is subject to highest ethical requirements. The production is located in Europe and happens under optimal working conditions. Fair prices guarantee a fair remuneration, also for our contractual partners. High ecological standards guarantee a low consumption of energy. Negative impacts on the environment are always avoided.

Besides pharmaceuticals and alternative remedies the Method Capsules present a completely novel, dynamic and intelligent group of preparations. They create a third pillar in the area of pharmacy and health care.

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