Excerpt: results of the first observational study

In 2010 an observational study, matching this new method, was created with juridically cooperation.

Here you can find the the results of an observational study about the Biodynamic-Energetic-Method which was conducted in Griesheim and Bensheim (South Hessia/Germany).

The first completed observational study was focused on the testing of the transmissibility of the Biodynamic-Energetic-Method onto a carrier substance.

This observational study was compared to the results of pure clinical treatments. There also was an intervention and control group.

The goal of the observational study was the testing and the further development of a carrier substance which is able to recognize discrepancies in the organic-substantial area, the limbic-vegetative area or in the neurolymphatic system and to dissolve them subsequently.

We can promulgate the following results.

Explanations of graphics and evaluation of data:

 The graphics present the observed improvements of sensitivities of about 100 users (within the framework of the observational study). Each case involved a single treatment with the Biodynamic-Energetic-Method and also with the carrier substance. The interested persons got the the carrier substance immediately after their treatment, based on their sensitivities, for a duration of 30 days. The intake happened daily with one unit, usually with breakfast in the morning. The questioning about the different sensitivities happened four weeks after the first treatment and lead to the results presented below. A re-harmonization below 100% may often lead to new systematic discrepancies and may cause psychological blockades in the organism. So an optimization of the Method Capsules should among other positive effects enable a revitalization in the limbic and neurolimbic system through intelligent informational adjustments at the micro-molecular-biological levels. Similar to frequently repeated learning processes, this will lead to new structurally traceable transformations at the cellular level in the desired form.

Average improvement of well-being – between 60-80% after 30 day

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